Jessie Ng Jia Cheng A.K.A. Qian :

Some people come into our lives and quickly go
Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts
And we are never, ever the same

Your prince will come.
He may not be riding a white horse, or have a big castle.
But he will want you, and only you, and that will be better than any fairytale

It's hard to determine
where to draw the line
between being nice
and not hurting people's feelings
and standing up
for what you believe

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Why do I have to fall, for someone I know I can't have at all .

Today, now.
I have a strong will to note down every single feelings im going thru now .
I've been kicked out from a person . HOW SAD ?
No, not kicked out. It's never be in his heart before.
Thats the result , falling in love with someone you knew you would never have.
I know, fall in love is never our choice, it's just a chance or your destiny.
These days, i've been missing you like hell.
When i text you, it mean i miss you.
But yet im so stupid, expecting you to treat me like the way i treated you .
Now i realise i was totally insane
I was never in your heart Do I ?
I like everything of you indeed, except the fact that you're not mine.
Remembering the first time we met
I was afraid of you hmm, we have lunch together ...
Well you looks kind but that time we were just totally stranger.
I'll never forget what i felt when i first looked at you.
You smiled and I have butterflies : )
Few days after we seems to be a friend. A friend : )
We met we talked and we joked around.
aha, i smile alot.
unwillingly, i told my heart to stop that feelings but it seems to be so hard.
at last i just accept the fact that i fall in love , Deeply by each sight.
You just simply caught my eye .
And you just simply caught my heart, hun.
I wish i can tell you whats my heart thinking before anyone else does.
I can't lie to myself, even i wish i could, to protect our relation.
Im not a little girl, maybe I am, for you.
You told me im different than others, mature than the others.
But why ? Hmm, I guess im just dreaming : /
Dreaming for a person who seems so perfectly for me .
We had a date . Yea an ordinary date . Anyway just an outing .
That feelings haunt me down again !
Trying to get rid of it im sorry
Sometimes, we can have a simple crush on the person we like
We wont be aware we're falling for them harder than we thought.
I know it's real when i cant stop smiling , silly though ..
Your voice is my favorite sound, your name is my favorite noun .
All which i would never have the chance to own it .
But yet, everything still seems so perfectly to each other.
We talked and played around in a square conversation box.
Smiling infront of the window, smiling inside of my heart .
Deeply , truely .
I remembered you said that I'm special than the others.
You asked me to think why.
And i request for some time to think.
anyway, all these words seems like just a joke, its okay i really understand.
Just playing around hmm ?
Girls can remember the little things guys say, and think about it for the longest time.
Sometimes i really cant put into words the feelings that I have for you.
Feelings this great cant be explain fully
Sometimes, I think of giving up on u.
I wanna know u more but everytime we text,
I get heartbroken knowing I don't have a chance on u : (
Well I just wanted to be the reason of your smile, nothing more.
Don't u know how great it is, when I saw your smile was came from me ?
Okay, that night ...
I lye my head on your " shoulder " .
How wonderful ? It seems like everything in this world are blissful . Nothing's impossible.
I was thinking I'm gona get you one day ...
I know im selfish , wanting you for my own .
Which in-love human doesn't want this ?
There's something about you, you're unlike the rest.
I don't really know what it is, I just feel the way I do.
I fall in love with the most unexpected person in this unexpected time .
I can't help myself hun ... Please forgive me
I wish i could lye on you like this , like you are mine, forever.
If nothing could last forever, would you be my nothing ?
You know, sometimes we're afraid to care too much
because we fear that the other person doesn't care at all.
Just like me and you : /
If i got a chance, I would never show a bit of my love to you.
It seems so wrong, you never talk to me anymore.
I miss those times ...
I still care about you :' (
I guess you already know my feelings for you.
Just wana let u know in this very moment , that I like you !
I dont want to be regret again , I missed a chance .
Now you would never be mine : |
Recently, i was desperately racing with time , trying to knit a muffler for you as a birthday present !
Geeks, i smile each time I knit.
Many scenes rise up in my mind, " what would you say or do when you recieve it ? "
Know what , this is my first time doing this knitting stuffs .
You're lucky, unfortunately I'm not lucky enough .
Im so happy to get the chance to knit the first muffler for you :p
Im excited by that time. Trying hard every single knit . To make sure I do the best for you !
Well HAHA it's a history now.
I decided to keep it myself now, after i get a news from your fren.
A happy news : )
Congrates , you're in a relationship ...
im happy for you , really really : )
I should tell ,
I cried at the very moment i knew this news
Just 2 hours ago from now ...
I heard my heart broken into pieces oh my god :'(
Jessie , accept the fact ok ? Dont expect anything again ! You cant get it ! Stupid lar ._.
by that time I was like
" erhm... haha... i knew this would happen...dear tears pls dont drop... be strong kay ? "
o.o my stupidity come again , haha !
I'm scared as hell to want you .
I'm so regret for what i didnt say when I had the chance.
Totally sad ! sad ! sad !
Start crying , hearts continue to break into pieces.
How can i go on with my knitting stuffs ?
Okay well , I still wish I can present it to you ...
But, I know you're ignoring me, And I dont want your GirlF to misunderstanding u .
I knew she would be so bliss , with you .
Im confused , you are the only reason to this muffler .
Hunn, it will all get better in time : )
I will try my best to get everything back into normal .
I decided to stop showing you the love
No matter how hard I try , you would never get it .
Everything take place in the right time
I don't know what we are.
Sometimes I feel like we're friends,
we're more than friends,
sometimes like i'm just a stranger to you.
Im in Pain ... But i know it's time to be a big girl ! and big girls dont cry
:' )
Thank you and Sorry , yabo.
I will really really wish you the best in your way, your life, and your study.
Hey i trusted you, you said you never lie jessie geh ...
So be happy and live your life, always and forever !

with loves,

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