Jessie Ng Jia Cheng A.K.A. Qian :

Some people come into our lives and quickly go
Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts
And we are never, ever the same

Your prince will come.
He may not be riding a white horse, or have a big castle.
But he will want you, and only you, and that will be better than any fairytale

It's hard to determine
where to draw the line
between being nice
and not hurting people's feelings
and standing up
for what you believe

Thursday, December 31, 2009

20091231 ♥

Last day of 2009
Memorable day.

This year , i have learn alots of things
Met alots of frens
Get alots of knowledge

and my mind is getting more mature
: )

we are forwading to 2010.
a new decade for us =)
goodbye my 5teen

sweet 6teen <3
Very tough year though
Busying in studies too.
New year, New person, New house, New surprise, New guy.

I am wanting to thanks few of my frens. They did helped me alots !

Thx for being my best friend ever . Manage my things, gossip with me, listen to me, and help me even when im irritating. Sorry for everything that i did wrong to you. Thx for your understanding and forgiving ^^* hehe, you know i never meant to do that ... Next year, we are'nt the same class dy, although im sad enuf ! But i wish you get what u want in your studies, all the best ! Dont worry , i'll always by your side ! ily ♥

Hi jay, what i wanted to say was sorry and sorry . sorry for yelling at you sometimes. Being bad to u maybe ? And also thanks alots ! Teaching me all da way about studies . thx for not angry with me . Next year, be smart in life k . I wonder how you get the first XD but you're still the smartest in studies ya. Good luck ! ily ♥

Hai ! in my heart , you are just a gentlement ! so gentle and kind. And what i know was , u work alots for your studies. Well good job Kim ! Keep it up . I know u can do it ^^ And about your gf , i know you have been un-agree by your mum. But its okay : ) we know you and we'll help you ! All the best in 2010 ! ily ♥

Hey you , you dont like us ? hmmm ... we really like you. Maybe you have your own reason for not hanging out with us. We'll never force you to do what u dont want =) Btw, you had become a real man in my heart ! aha , marks added . You reli changed alots, its good for you. Be happy always okay ? Good luck ! ily ♥

well girl , you're always so silent. But when u talk , i cant hear u too ! haha . Sorry for sometimes i didnt treat u that well , but you're still my fren . And thx for everything u did to me , accompany me. We'll always together. The coming year, can do me a favour ? Help me to take care of da lil Hsinjie ! haha , 38 with her . All the best ! ily ♥

Bibibibibibibibibububu ... bibililillbababalulu . LOL =D Do you miss your home? Hey same species, how are you. U and me, plays alots. Aliens or ET or anything . you're quite funny . haha , i know you're girls. well thx for bring with the gang of us this year . And u also help us alots , with ur mum . muahaha . Good luck alien ! ily ♥

Yeeying & winnie,
Hey girls, yall always not talking =( but i knew u 2 was behind me. HAHA! yeeying, you're the novel girl . Everything about novel are not difficult for u ! Winnie, hmm, many guys like u i think , quite pretty ^^ I oso wants to apologize if i have any place that didnt done well. Sorry !! ily ♥

Although we're not the same school, but we are still good frens ! Reli 38 . Thx for playing and gossip around with me wor dude ! Hehe. well, congrates for your 7As ! I know you can do it , if you reli put some effort on it . I wish u will keep it the same thing. work hard ya ! Sorry for sometimes being rude to you =.= but u know de lah XD ! ily ♥

Urgh, went to subang so far far away ! miss you so much =) How are you thr ? Get your prince. Congrates ^^ well i think we always hang out at sunwayy , gatherings ... Haha , its fun ! Thx for willing to accompany us playing around . you're awesome . Well i wish u all the best in the coming 2010 , no matter studies or loving or family . good luck ! ily ♥

Hey , the longest fren XD . i remember we're the same class the whole primary life . Although we seperate in secondary , we're still in contact always , sometimes hang out together . LOL your voice, i think many of them miss it , including me . Miss.anxious lar you =) so gan jiong geh ! hahaha . Thx for helping me everytime okay ! Wish u da best ! ily ♥

LOL ron =.= hey i wrote about u oso kay. LOL i did hate u . But not now la haha . Sorry for sometimes loh. and thx for sometimes lo . HAHAHAHA . i hope u change your attitude -.- dont keep zat ppl la . not good de kay . you're a educated person mar . Be more gentlement , like Kim , so good ^^ All the best 2010 ! ily ♥

lol my boyfriend O.O muackz . ily ♥

Good luck and all the best for myself .
Qian, Gambateh !


jay said...

so touching~

no lar..
i dun keep on mind de...
sumtimes i know u al juz joking~
thx to u too!
u juz like my sister..
take care of me in school or outside(when hanging out)

HJ said...

I almost cried!
Thx for being my best friend too!
Cant imagine when u are not beside me, gossip with me, 38 with me, go toilet with me, help me 'see'(u noe wat i mean XD) and bla bla bla bla..etc.

ARGH! Just promise me one thing. DONT EVER FORGOT ME! lol. i knoe u wont because i WONT! LOL


Jie aka apple head ^^

jay said...

I know c wat i know c wat!!!!
after i saw HJ comment..
forget to tell u sumting..


♥ 倩 Qian said...

hahahaha i wonttt forget u all !
LOL how to forget?
that is no such way to forget you all =.=

touch leh ?

btw , meet yall later ! i love yall !

♥ 倩 Qian said...
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emily. said...

oh B,
i wrote somethin for u too,
thanks for being my listener too dear. :)

you know wad,
you still can date me out for movie, for tea or maybe for gossip.
haha i'm always there!

enjoy ur form4 honeyyear :)
and of cuz get flyin colour result next year in school test ;D

miss me always!
you know you love me,xoxo.

J u n z ♥ said...

wahahahaha ~
u oso noe u rude to me de ah ? =P
ily too ♥

Chermaine JJ said...


nothing much to say, just ILYILYILT GIRLFRIEND<3

mwak (: